New Horizons

Now for my next plot twist…I have officially moved to Memphis, Tennessee!

I have established a new private studio to push my work further than ever before, but more importantly I am seeking my place in the community and how I can best contribute to positivity and creativity in the Mid-South region.

For now, I am overwhelmed with inspiration by the beauty of the natural surroundings and the people I have the pleasure of interacting with each day. Let’s just suffice to say…

I Love Memphis Logo

And on that note, thank you Las Vegas…especially all of my friends and supporters. I spent half of my life in this city growing into who I’ve become and now I am finally ready to step out and up to see what might be possible on my own terms.

These past few years have been my most challenging yet, but the bumpiest roads often yield the most rewarding results…I am eager to go off-road for new adventures!

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