🔥The Fire Inside…!🔥

Now showing in the permanent collection at North Las Vegas City Hall…”Entre Nosotros”! Inspired by the past decade serving this community, this work brings a question of life, death, and the passions between.
Come visit and meet this older work of mine!

CATraen_Entre Nosotros

‘Water, Wonder of the Earth’

New notification of acceptance to the XXXIX International Competition of the Artistic Ceramic opening in September at the Rocca Flea Civic Museum in Gualdo Tadino, Italy!

Sending ‘MulTEAllusion: Just Off Target’ to add my twist to the inspirational theme of water ~

“Stemmed in the concepts of Italian Futurism movement, the work examines the rise of a new century with a new technological impact; vast and yet to be recorded by time but as water trickles or flows, the world passes by. We are deluded by the illusion of productivity and multitasking, the idea of being so busy with everything that there is no time for anything.”

Raise Your Cups!

Salud, Prost, Santé, Cheers ~ So exciting to be included in yet another potter’s tradition…the beloved Cup Show!

Last week I sent off three of my favorite beauties to strut their stuff just south of the Canadian boarder at the Jansen Art Center in Lynden, Washington.

If that weren’t enough, my work enjoyed a sweet mention in the Cascadia Weekly in anticipation of the the June 1st opening reception.

I am so thankful for more opportunities to share my love of handmade pottery, I only wish I could make it the the show…I know I would leave with new additions to my collection *^_^*

Tea Time!

C.A.Traen TEA Plough Gallery

New show opened last weekend at Plough Gallery in Tifton, Georgia, “TEA: The Ritual & The Art – Celebrating Culture & Practice” featuring handmade teapots and traditional tea bowls from international ceramic artists. I am excited to share my work in a new state, new gallery, with some of my favorite people

Visit the exhibition online at the gallery’s beautiful website, to view and shop for your next addition to your collection!