New Workshop! “Parts of a Whole” – Sculpting the Figure

I am over the moon to announce my new workshop series, “Parts of a Whole” starting in July hosted by the Memphis Botanic Garden!
I will be teaching my unique method of sculpting the human figure that sections the body into approachable parts and encourages expressive and dynamic poses. Artists of any experience level can join and find new success with figurative sculpture using my signature techniques!

For those not from ’round Memphis, you can join for a reduced price via Zoom for my “demo + question” portion of each session and all participants will have access to recordings for 30 days. I will also have focused tool kits available for purchase to sculpt along.

I haven’t offered workshops in the US for more than 5 years and I am really looking forward to the opportunity to share my process!

For more info and details, visit this link …Zoom registration coming soon!

My Cup (and Bowls and Plates) Overflow!

All the gratitude for the support y’all provided at my first Memphis Potters Guild Spring Sale!

Sweet shot from Local Memphis 24 highlighting some demo time!

Around half of my inventory found new forever homes and I have orders for replenishment already in the works. As a sculptress try ing my hand as a production potter, I am definitely invigorated by the response to this new work.

Looks like a next step is to create a shop on this site… Stay tuned, coming soon!

~Exhibitions in October~

Busy month with lots of openings around the world and our beautiful country, I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my work with an ever-expanding audience!

CATraen_Charlie Cummings





Cup: The Intimate Object XIV   Charlie Cummings Gallery Gainsville, Florida USA


7th Namwon International Ceramic Art Camp                                                     Invited Artist                                                                                                                          Namwon International Ceramics Art Research Center, Korea

 1st International Fantastic Teapot Exhibition                                                SERES’18: IV International Ceramics, Glass, Enamel, Glaze and Paint Congress Anadolu University, Eskişehir, Turkey

Echoes of Ohr                                                                                                                                        Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art, Biloxi, Mississippi USA



The Big Chill…Mojo Style!

Need a bad day fixer? Well, there’s nothing like the original Mojo Elixir… a good ole fashioned cup show!

We braved the surreal snow covered tundra and impressively low high temperatures to see what the buzz is all about…MUGSHOTS I at Mojo Coffee Gallery in Minneapolis, MN was well worth the trip up north in the dead of December!

To top it off, my very own Robert LaWarre won the People’s Choice award with his animated “Frankly, Cooler Heads Prevail”!

Enjoy a little photo tour by clicking below ~

Click for "The Big Chill...MUGSHOTS I Gallery"

~Exhibitions in November ~

This month, a broad catalog of my work, documenting my path in clay is debuting in Delhi, India at the esteemed India Habitat Centre in the invitational group exhibition, “Journey of Transformation”.

From sculpture to pottery and transitions between, this opportunity is my biggest exhibition to date and I am honored to be invited to also lecture and stay in this fabled city.

The other esteemed invited exhibitors span the globe, including 5 international and 5 Indian ceramic artists.

Pictured from top, L to R: Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal – India Kristine Michael – India Shweta Agarwal Mansingka – India Shama Maira – India Hanibal Salvaro – Croatia Mirta Morigi – Italy Adil Writer – India Jane Jermyn – Ireland C.A.Traen – USA Yukiharu Furuno – Japan Robert LaWarre III – USA

New Horizons

Now for my next plot twist…I have officially moved to Memphis, Tennessee!

I have established a new private studio to push my work further than ever before, but more importantly I am seeking my place in the community and how I can best contribute to positivity and creativity in the Mid-South region.

For now, I am overwhelmed with inspiration by the beauty of the natural surroundings and the people I have the pleasure of interacting with each day. Let’s just suffice to say…

I Love Memphis Logo

And on that note, thank you Las Vegas…especially all of my friends and supporters. I spent half of my life in this city growing into who I’ve become and now I am finally ready to step out and up to see what might be possible on my own terms.

These past few years have been my most challenging yet, but the bumpiest roads often yield the most rewarding results…I am eager to go off-road for new adventures!

~ Exhibitions in October ~

Setting the table around the country with some fun new pots…

October Exhibitions

…opening this month in Lynchburg, VA I am pleased to offer a short stack to the “Battle of the Bowls” competition hosted by the Academy Center for the Arts. Also featured in October is the continuation of the National Salt & Pepper Show at Starbrick Gallery in Nelsonville, OH where my little sets are shaking things up.

If you’re in the neighborhood, drop in and check up on my babies…and make sure to remind them that well-behaved pots rarely make history ;p

A Little S&P Made with TLC ?️?

***Update!*** S+P II received the honor of a purchase award, granted by University of Ohio esteemed Professor of Ceramics, Brad Schwieger and his excellent wife, Kathy!

A new design challenge with some savory results…”Cosmic Candy S+P Service Sets I & II” are making their way up north to Starbrick Gallery Fine Art Cooperative in Nelsonville, Ohio!

This alluring national exhibition opening September 29th was juried by master artist, Deb Schwartzkopf, well-respected in the US clay community. It is my honor to have two sets accepted…and I am looking forward to photos from the opening reception!

*Add a little spice to your life…buy handmade!*

[huge_it_gallery id=”15″]

Italian Faerytales!

Just returned from quick European stop to represent and collect two awards in the charming village of Gualdo Tadino, in the Umbrian mountains provides textured terrain for my developing narrative. An honor to meet so many esteemed artists while reveling in the most serene of scenes, my stay was brief but rich in experience and love for adventure! A day in Rome to hit the reset button prefaced my authentic solo journey.

A very special thank you to Rolando Giovannini and the citizens of Gualdo Tadino for making my stay more than I could have imagined!

…enjoy a taste of my story with these images ~

*click for gallery*


International Honors in Italy

Proud to announce the granting of two awards for my work, “MulTEAllusion: Just Off Target” now showing in Italy at the Museo Rocca Flea in Gualdo Tadino, at the 38th year of one of the most important competitions in Umbria! I received both the Targa Argento (Silver Plaque) as well as Honorable Mention for it’s “Figure and Texture” qualities.

This functional teapot has also found its new forever home in the museum collection…this addition is a true honor, so many thanks and my gratitude for the recognition of my work.

MulTEAllusion: Just Off Target
“L’acqua meraviglia della terra”