C.A.Traen is an American sculptor and illustrator.

C.A.Traen Headshot (2018)(C2)

C.A.Traen was born in September 1980 near Fargo, North Dakota where she grew up free spirited and single-minded loving climbing trees, insects, and creating worlds while drawing for hours on end. Dedication to organized athletics, health, and nutrition sparked a lifetime interest in the human body, its form and movement which is reflected in her current figurative sculpture. Attention to proportion and anatomy and has since transitioned into stretching explorations of the figure into abstraction and conceptual approaches. Through manipulating the figure as a study in activation of space, Traen also explores perceptions of body self-image and reflections of society.

Traen started working in clay in 2001 under the direction of Mark Burns at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and was immediately taken by the material’s ability to imitate other media, but even more that it allowed her to take the natural inclination to place pen to paper to the reality of three dimensions. Traen later earned a Master’s degree in art education from UNLV and found residency in the Rancho High School Visual Arts department where for over a decade she developed and managed the Rancho Ceramics Studio, a comprehensive program of instruction specializing in a career and technical approach to sculptural and wheel thrown ceramics and a broad range of firing processes.

Now settled in Memphis, TN USA, Traen is teaching ceramics at University of Memphis and was recently recruited by Laguna Clay Company of California to head a new, soon to be announced educational initiative.

In answering the call of teaching, Traen realized that to make a greater impact on her students, artmaking had to be presented as a professional opportunity and to show them what it means to be an artist; she had to live the “artist life” by pushing to make better work, exhibiting, and promoting her work and herself. Through teaching, Traen has created a model to follow for development of her own life, work, and, love.

Active since 2012, Traen teaches workshops and actively exhibits in the United States, Europe, and Asia.