C.A.Traen is an American sculptor and illustrator.

C.A.Traen Headshot (2018)(C2)

C.A. “Cat” Traen is a international teaching artist working in clay since 2002, leading to a BA and MEd from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Motivated by enriching others through community building and collaboration, Cat has mentored thousands of students and teachers to equip and ignite the next generation in clay.

Since relocating to Memphis in 2017, Cat serves as faculty in the ceramics department at University of Memphis and is finding her way as an educational consultant for regional school districts with a mission to support start-up clay programs at underserved public schools.

A proud member of National K12 Ceramics Exhibition Foundation, Cat has presented at NCECA multiple times and seeks to widen the scope of opportunity for all as a representative of the clay community at large.

Internationally active since 2015, Cat teaches workshops, exhibits, and is collected in the US, Europe, and Asia. Notable awards include Bronze Medal in the 2020 International Gold Teapot Prize in Taiwan and Silver Award in the Fu Le Ceramic Arts Museum Emerging Artist Exhibition in Fuping, China.

Beyond her work as an emerging international teaching artist, Cat and her husband and partner, Robert LaWarre III are currently developing a community-focused organization called “RoCat Arts” to connect people and expand professional opportunity worldwide through clay.